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Journey into the home of bright neons and ancient traditions. Find how a country can seamlessly blend breathtaking natural beauty, historic temples, and futuristic marvels.

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When to visit?

March to May and September to November are the best periods to visit Japan

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Yen is the currency of Japan

Ramen, anime, Mount Fuji, Godzilla and samurais, are only a few of the iconic household names born in Japan. Only a special country could effortlessly combine all of these and turn itself into the dream destination of many.

Be blinded by the neon lights of Tokyo, dangling (metaphorically) from its towering skyscrapers. Feel the serenity of a morning walk under hundreds of toriis in Fushimi Inari, Kyoto, or perhaps participate in a tea ceremony. Nothing like a cup of tea to open the appetite, indulge in Osaka’s culinary delights, it is no accident it is called “Japan’s Kitchen”.

Get your bags, and your best kawaii smile ready, it is time to explore Japan!

Planning Time

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