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A cultural melting pot amidst breathtaking landscapes. Let the iconic skyscrapers, tea plantations that go beyond the horizon, pristine empty beaches, beautiful street art and lush rainforests fascinate you.

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When to visit?

West: December to February
East: May to September 

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Ringgit is the currency of Malaysia

It is not frequent to find a country that has several cultures, religions and ethnicities living so harmoniously together, like Malaysia. This close proximity of Malays, Chinese, Indian, among others, has shaped this fantastic country into an unique blend that is hard to ignore.

With your mouth agape in sheer awe, witness the iconic Petronas Towers being lit up at night, be mesmerized by the endless skyline of Kuala Lumpur and let your palate go wild in a hawker center.

Explore the scenario that attracts you the most, from an Unesco World Heritage Site, such as George Town with its internationally famous street art, or Malacca with its European influences and amazing history, to a natural paradise like the home of endangered orangutans in the verdant jungles of Borneo, or the pristine beaches of the immaculate Perhentian Islands.

No matter your expectations, Malaysia will deliver. Start planning your adventure now!

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