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Start your tuk tuk and explore the island paradise known as the "Pearl of the Indian Ocean". Fall in love with its warm hospitality, pristine beaches, fantastic wildlife, lush tea plantations, rich cultural heritage, and breathtaking natural landscapes.

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When to visit?

South and Central:
December to March
East coast:
April to September

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Rupee is the currency of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a truly underrated paradise. No country ever caught us so much by surprise and made it so hard to leave.

Explore the vibrant chaos of Colombo and Kandy, where your tuk tuk will be one among hundreds. But soon head out of the big cities, oh there is so much to see out there! The mesmerizing landscapes of the north, roaming wild horses, and old dramatic stories surrounding Sigiriya.

Tea plantations as far as your eyes can see will welcome you to the most scenic train ride of your life. If you stay on board long enough you will cross the Nine Arch Bridge.

Stop your tuk tuk along for a quick Kottu Roti, and talk to the locals. You will find in Sri Lanka the most welcoming people you have ever seen. But don’t get distracted now that you have a full belly, you never know when you will encounter an elephant or leopard crossing the road on your way to Yala.

Relax and enter the idyllic golden beaches of the south, practice your surf skills, and try to hear the blue whales singing in the far azure waters.

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